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Debra J Hay

6815 Gregg Mill Rd.

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Born and raised in Madison County, I feel that having a LOCAL radio station with LOCAL content is vital to Madison County.  I started the show "Community Matters" because in a small County such as Madison County. community really does matter!  "Community Matters" focuses on the non profit groups that operate here, the government agencies that effect us every single day, and the events that are happening right here in Madison County.  I am always looking for new groups to interview to help get the word out about these great organizations: what they do, how they raise money, how they spend their money and how they help the residents of Madison County.  If you are involved in a non profit organization and would like to appear on "Community Matters" send me an email so we can work out a time.

Because Community REALLY does matter!
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I am the host of The Independent Showcase on Ready FM . I grew up in West Jefferson Ohio , and recently retired from IBM . My wife (Marci) and I currently live in Mount Sterling Ohio. I also host the Online Radio Show ''John Talk Radio  '' .  

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I grew up in London and graduated from London High School in 1986.  I graduated from the University of Akron in 1992 with a Computer Programming degree and a Business Management degree, and returned to the central Ohio area.  I currently work at the Staples warehouse in London as a material handling equipment operator, and work on websites as a hobby.  I've developed and maintain the website for the First United Methodist Church of London, and am now the Website Administrator for this ReadyFM website, which I also created. 

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