The Upper Room Devotional

The Upper Room Devotional

daily words of wisdom and faith
  • When You Feel Overwhelmed

    Today’s Reflection CENTERING Imagine that you are in a boat rocking wildly on the choppy waves of a rough ocean. Then the waves become calm, and the boat moves gently with the water. Feel the rhythm as the boat lifts and falls like a cradle being rocked. Allow yourself to relax. PRAYING Ever-present God, thank […]
  • A Love Story, Part 2

    Today’s Reflection HARRY [SAID]: “I’m thinking to myself, ‘Now this is a classy place.’ So I say, ‘Well, okay, is there somewhere we could sit and have a glass of wine? You see, today’s our 40th wedding anniversary, and we’ve come to celebrate.’ “And just about then, the owner of the restaurant walks by, overhears […]
  • A Love Story, Part 1

    Today’s Reflection WHEN I WAS a student in spirituality, I met a man who knew how to ground himself in the sacred source of compassion. I was in need of spiritual replenishment, so I paid a visit to the local monastery at the edge of town. It was early when I drove through the gates. […]
  • Lenten Action

    Today’s Reflection GIVING UP SOMETHING for Lent is a familiar tradition for many, a variation on an old and rich tradition of self-denial known as fasting. … Maybe you know people who approach the season of Lent by giving up chocolate or coffee or another indulgence and then follow through with that intention until Easter. […]
  • A Lenten Garden

    Today’s Reflection IF WE PICTURE all the obstructions between us and God as a wilderness, Lent presents us with time to clear and cultivate a part of that wilderness, to create an open space in it. In this newly opened space, we may live more freely and commune more closely with the divine. We can […]
  • Lent

    Today’s Reflection LENT IS the forty days before Easter (excluding Sundays) during which we turn our attention to God and the things that keep us from God. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday. continues through Holy Week, and ends at Easter. Lent is observed differently in different traditions, but it is generally a time of turning […]
  • Prayer from the Heart

    Today’s Reflection WE ENTER PRAYER with our whole being. When we talk to God we employ our thinking faculties. Good thinking may lead to good theology based on biblical study. As we listen to God, we give thought to what we hear. So, of course, we use our heads — and more. We love God […]
  • Extended Sabbath

    Today’s Reflection FOR ME, a retreat is a time set apart to be reminded of God’s presence in a deeper way. It is a time to remember again that God holds the world and me. It is a time to relax into God’s sovereignty and to remember God’s activity, not my own. It is a […]
  • God, Collect Our Tears

    Today’s Reflection GOD, Collect our tears Tears of sadness tears of joy Tears of anxiety nervous tears Tears that don’t know why they run like rivers down the face Gracious God, collect our tears in your bottle And pour them back on us as life-giving water! – Safiyah Fosua The Africana Worship Book: Year B […]
  • What Has Your Attention?

    Today’s Reflection WHAT HAS YOUR ATTENTION at this very moment? This reading? Perhaps, but we all know that we can give modest attention to several things at once. We eat, read, and listen for the phone all at the same time. When our search for something consumes all our energy and all our faculties, everything […]

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