The Upper Room Devotional

The Upper Room Devotional

daily words of wisdom and faith
  • What Does God Want Me to See?

    Today’s Reflection A GOOD RETREAT generally has some common elements, elements that lie at the heart of a meaningful time with God. For example, silence serves the retreat well. To be certain you engage your silence, put time for it in the plan. Your plan likely will include aspects of any retreat such as bodily […]
  • Sitting in Empty Silence

    Today’s Reflection WHEN WE SUBMIT TO EMPTINESS and silence, we take our hands off the wheel and relinquish control to the Holy Spirit. You would expect we could enter that vulnerability with trust, but at first it feels tender and naked. We may feel stripped of all pretense and the protection of words. Our instant […]
  • The Immensity of God’s Love

    Today’s Reflection LET ME TELL you a story about a heavy burden I was carrying. I was feeling depressed about everything. By coincidence, I was in Flagstaff, Arizona, so I decided to go to the Grand Canyon. I saw this multimillion-year-old canyon and its place in an even older creation and thought that if that […]
  • Being Fully Present

    Today’s Reflection AS I AM FULLY PRESENT to God, I become the kind of person who is wholly present to others. I can give no greater gift. When I am present I am considerate, giving undivided attention to the person’s words and feelings at the moment. People deeply need this gift of being appreciated and […]
  • Sharing Struggles

    Today’s Reflection KEEPING STRUGGLES TO YOURSELF eats away at your spirit. It is amazing what a change in feelings happen when you dare to share your struggles with a spouse, a loved one, or a special friend. Pouring out your soul, being able to say to someone, “I trust and love you enough to share […]
  • The Nightly Review

    Today’s Reflection OF ALL MY PERSONAL spiritual practices, the nightly review has brought the most growth. I usually do it on my own, but it can also be done with a loved one or even the whole family. … 1. Make some time to be quiet for a few moments. Take a few deep breaths […]
  • Pray Without Ceasing

    Today’s Reflection SAINT PAUL SPEAKS OF praying “without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). It is not as hard as it sounds, really. You merely learn to be aware of God’s presence with you all the time, whatever you are doing. A friend who commutes to work says that he sits and communes with God every time […]
  • My Life As a Poem

    Today’s Reflection ETERNAL ONE, revealed in waves and in the waiting stillness, teach me to rest, content in your love. Let my life be a poem that tells of your care, always ready to rise up on trusting wings and risk the wind. Amen. – Elizabeth J. Canham Heart Whispers “From page 70 of Heart […]
  • The Power of Powerlessness

    Today’s Reflection OUR SOCIETY places great value on power, which makes it difficult to relinquish. One of the hardest lessons for a follower of Christ is that visible power is not always the highest level of power. Judas never learned this lesson; he continued to goad Jesus into taking a political stance and could not […]
  • Fill Me with Your Grace

    Today’s Reflection YOURS THE SEED, yours the growth; yours the water, yours the thirst; yours the wild, yours the tame. You are within me, O God, and within all creation — and you are beyond. Shape and fill me this day and all creation with your grace. – Earth Gospel: A Guide to Prayer for […]

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